Contact us at  or complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. To contact specific staff members at Center Club, please feel free to them via the  list below;


Mary C. Gregorio[Program Director] 617-788-1002.

Alison DeMasi[Assistant Program Director]  617-788-1005.

Doug Kull[Intake Coordinator] 617-788-1003.

Molly Rose[Billing Coordinator] 617-788-1092.

Florence Mugenyi [Program Coordinator- Food Services , Wellness and Social Activities]    617-788-1008 .

Michael Whelan – [Clubhouse Staff- Employment, Job Development Specialist 617-788-1016.

Robin Chase- [Education Coordinator] 617-788-1004

Paola Chapa-Cerviatti- [Clubhouse Staff- Food Services, Wellness and Social Activities]  617-788-1007

Rina Wolok – [Employment Coordinator] 617-788-1009

Kate Fazio [Clubhouse Staff- Education & Employment Services]  617-788- 1000.

•Gabriela Aguilar [Clubhouse Staff- Membership Services]  617-788- 1098.

Caesar Nichols [Housing Coordinator]  617-788- 1017.