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"Young adults all have major life decisions between the ages of 18 and 30.   When young people have grown up in foster care or residential programs, without strong family or community support, and with emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse problems, they may also face challenges of homelessness, hopelessness, depression and prison." -Tempo Website






At Center Club, we see the need for young adult programming. We have programs that are fine-tuned with the member in mind. We meet you where you are at, and work collaboratively to accomplish your goals. Below are a few of the programs we provide:


  • Obtain Meaningful Employment and Develop a Career

  • Center Club supports members in identifying and pursuing careers of their choice. Our employment supports include:

  • Resume and cover letter assistance

  • Supported employment opportunities

  • Rapid job placement

  • Training program referrals.

  • Advance your Education

Center Club supports members who are looking to begin or continue their education at any level, from basic literacy, computer skills, GED/Hi-SET, high school diploma, and college level classes. Here you can find support:

  • Selecting schools

  • Enrolling in classes

  • Obtaining financial aid

  • Connecting with disability offices

The Club has many in-house educational opportunities including Peer tutoring in English, math, computers, and ESOL Access to computer based learning programs Resources that allow you to work independently on your education, such as computers, a library, and study materials.

Connect with Others

Join us for discussions, presentations, and socializing specifically for young adults. From movies, outdoor activities, music to dancing and more, it’s up to you. We also have field trips such as camping and going to amusement parks. Help us maintain our social media accounts and website Access to free museum passes and discounted movie tickets Center Club members are able to use the Lindemann gym to work out for free.

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