07/22/2020: We Are Taking Referrals, Again. (Both DMH and NON-DMH Clients)

I.) Service Area: 

Center Club serves the Department of Mental Health’s Metro Boston Area including the following communities: all Boston neighborhoods, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville, Revere, Chelsea, and Winthrop.  Prospective members MUST live in these areas and have a history of a major mental illness.

Center Club is based on the Clubhouse Model in which club members and staff members work side by side as partners in the daily operation of the program and in assisting club members in working towards their individual goals which may range from learning English, to getting a job to improving over health. Individuals who want or need a staff intensive program may not feel comfortable in a Clubhouse setting.  Our membership is large and diverse. many of our services are provided also in Spanish.


Download:  Helpful-information-for-making-referrals


(All completed paperwork should be faxed to 617-788-1080. Also, paperwork can be returned to the Intake Coordinator, Florence Mugenyi, via email at




DMH clients are Individuals being referred to Center Club from the Department of Mental Health or from DMH programs (eg ACCS, PACT, etc). They are individuals who already have DMH services.

Please download, fill (type info) and send these two (2) forms:

Form 1. )

Critical-Information-Form-and-Release-FEB 09 2019 

Form 2.)

Clubhouse-Request-for-Enrollment-Form-NOV 25 2020



Non-DMH clients are Individuals being referred to Center Club that have not (yet) been deemed eligible for DMH services. Unfortunately, we are not accepting referrals for individuals  who are both Non-DMH and homeless. We encourage them and their referring persons to first apply and qualify for DMH services.

Form 1.)


Form 2.)


II.) Sending Paperwork:

All completed paperwork should be faxed to 617-788-1080. Also, paperwork can be returned to the Intake Coordinator, Florence Mugenyi, via email at

III.) Intake & New Member Orientation:

Prospective members will be given a call after we receive and review their referral for eligibility. We are currently doing the intake process over the phone as part of the COVID-19 safety precautions.

Spanish-speaking members may choose to do intake with a Spanish-speaking staff member. The member’s individual goals will be explored during this initial phone meeting. If, after the phone intake meeting, the potential member wants to become a Center Club member, we will schedule an appointment for a tour and paperwork signing. After this stage, the member will be assigned a key staff member with whom they will make an appointment to complete the Club assessment and be oriented to the services our different Units offer.   


The assessment and orientation provide an opportunity for members to further explore their goals and needs. Each club member will work with their key staff member in developing an “Action Plan” in which they will describe their personal goals along with the steps they will take in reach them including the people/programs who will assist them. 

The following information may assist you in deciding whether or not Center Club is the best program for a specific individual:

Membership is voluntary. Members set their own schedule and decide how to best utilize the clubhouse. Because we are a clubhouse and intentionally not staff intensive, we cannot monitor members’ whereabouts.

 IV.) Special Notes: Meals/ Transportation/Guests


  1. ​The club is not a drop-in center or a social club. Members attending during the day are expected to become involved in unit work.  We are currently open on a limited basis and members have to be pre-scheduled in order to attend on-site.  Each interested member will be scheduled to come for three hours a week on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday (10:00 am-1:00 pm OR 3:00 pm- 6:00 pm) , working in a unit and participating in activities of their choice. 

  2. Members' guests will not be let into the building unless it's a unique situation that has been pre-arranged.

  3. Center Club does not provide transportation.

  4. We cannot eat in the building for COVID-19 safety reasons. We are no longer providing daily bagged lunches, but members can still bring their own food and eat it outside the building.

  5. We are maintaining a maximum number of people in the building at all times, in compliance with the state's COVID-19 re-opening guidelines and requirements.

Please direct all referral and enrollment inquiries to:

Florence Mugenyi (Intake Coordinator) | Email: | Direct phone: 617-788-1003

Florence is on-site at Center Club, Monday and Wednesday, 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM, but works remotely Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Your emails will be read and responded to, as well as your your voicemail messages, in a timely manner.