(July 20th 2020)

Revised 03/05/2021


July 14, 2020

Dear Center Club Member,
Great News! We will be reopening the building on Monday, July 20th at 10:00 AM. It feels like an eternity and we look forward to seeing many of you in person. Here's what you need to know:

First and foremost, the health and safety of our whole community is front and center. You will observe a number of changes in the building itself and how the club operates including the hours we are open. In addition, rest assured that the club has plenty of extra masks and hand sanitizer. Many of the changes are based on policies and procedures outlined by the State. We should all be glad that we live in Massachusetts and that Governor Baker, Lt. Polito, and Secretary of Human Services MaryLou Sudders (former DMH Commissioner) are developing plans for reopening Massachusetts based on data and logic, even though many citizens have wanted things to happen at a faster pace.

Changes in the building include the following:
•    Club members will now enter the building via the Boston Night Center (red) door and exit through our front door. Both doors will remain locked all day.

•    Water coolers are now unavailable but we will serve water all day on the second floor.

•    Our bathroom trash barrels are all lidless to avoid touching them.

•    Paper towel dispensers have replaced the electric hand dryers to prevent air from being blown.

•  The ceiling fans in the dining room have been shut off and we will no longer be using portable fans.

Each room in the club now has a capacity sign noting the maximum number of people allowed in each room at any one time. This is based on maintaining a 6 foot distance. We have also marked the floor noting where to sit and chairs noting where to not sit. Some computers will not be able to be used because we have to maintain the 6 ft. distance. Although there will not be a formal limit on how long a computer can be used we hope that everyone will be flexible.

•  There will also be a significant change in activities and meals. Because we cannot have more than 20 club members in at a time we will not be focusing on groups in which a large number of people assemble in one room. Bottled water will be available. No food consumption in the building. On some special holidays we will pre-package dinners for members, to-go. Those special dinner days will be communicated as they approach.  

•  In order to keep everyone healthy we have developed a very detailed cleaning and disinfecting system. The building will be disinfected each morning with a special spray gun and again between the morning and afternoon sessions. Surfaces will also be wiped down during the morning and afternoon sessions. Please note that the first floor men's room will be closed because more than one person uses it at a time.

•  There are now plexi-glass partitions in the dining room and there will be others placed around the first-floor reception desk and at the new check in entrance at the Boston Night Center door.

•  The shower will now be off limits, but the washer and dryer will be available.

•  We are no longer able to have a coat closet because more than one person's belongings are stored there, but lockers can still be used.

l). Complete Returning to CC Risk/Benefit Form including liability.

2). Sign up for one session (same each week). You can ONLY attend during your confirmed session.

1).  Enter through Boston Night Center Door one at a time stand 6 feet apart. You MUST wear a mask. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2).  A staff member will check you in, take your temperature electronically, and ask about possible COVID symptoms. You may not be able to enter the building if you have specific symptoms.

3).  You are free to go where you want but must abide by the signs which limit the number of people in each room. Staff members may need to redirect you based on this.
There will be a few formal activities.

We will continue with our phone meetings.

We will no longer be providing items such as trash bags, toilet paper, or cleaning supplies, as those items are now readily available in stores.

Thanks for reading through this very long and detailed letter. There's a lot to know but please be reassured that any staff member should be able to answer your questions. I'm sure that there will be some things that have to be tweaked but it is my hope that we have covered the major points. 


Mary Gregorio Program Director
Center Club