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*Click image to access and to download our 2016 SUMMER TRIP schedule. OR download.PDF here Center Club Summer Trips for 2016 Thanks!
thumbnail of Center Club Summer Trips for 2016Welcome to Center Club Boston. Center Club is the oldest and largest Clubhouse in New England for people with psychiatric disabilities. The five-day-a-week program combines employment, housing and education services with social activities, wellness initiatives, and advocacy using a holistic approach that is highly empowering. Since 1959 we have been dedicated to the principles of self-help, peer support and empowerment. Club members attend on a voluntary basis, participating in Club management, policy development and the day-to-day operation of the program. The Club is a membership program, the activities of which evolve around the interests of its members. The program makes use of self-help principles and operates on the peer and partner model. Club and staff members work side by side in all Club activities and functions.

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For more information about Center Club, please contact Doug Kull, our

 Intake Co-ordinator at : Direct Phone: (617) 788-1003, Fax: (617) 788-1080,  Email: dkull@baycove.org